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Touch, pull ropes, breathe wind into the room. Interact.



The Social Fabric…. at ArtsWestchester, White Plains, NY.  October 13, 2022 to January 22, 2023.  I have two large sculptures in it, including one that is interactive. 

Social Fabric Opening Receptionwords untie copy

Zürich 2022…..April 2 and 5 Bluebird presents:  He Says, She Is…..Is She?  Concert Performance weaves through art installation of sometimes wearable art. An Odyssey?  



more info here:





Roxbury Arts Center, Roxbury NY.

A really big Small Works show! Nov 21, 2020 through Jan 9, 2021.

Humble Monument_new folk_2020_installation photo
Humble Monument, 2019. (note: this view includes Michelle Batho weaving)


The Samuel Dorsky Museum      SUNY New Paltz, NY

September 12- October 25, 2020.

Being Boat_together in Isolation Being Boat, 2020.


The Re Institute

1395 Boston Corners Road

Millerton, NY 12546


Currently open.  Closing date unknown.

This open, outdoor exhibit explores the situation we find ourselves in: Together, we are each experiencing the impact of isolation.  We have the condition in common but each person experiences it in their own way. Because we long to celebrate the end of the health crisis that forces us to isolate, we look forward to a closing party in lieu of an opening!  At this time, sadly (terribly), a closing date is impossible to identify.

Visiting hours:  1-4PM Saturday, and evening hours on Wednesday and Friday.  Click the link below for more specific information.  Note: Due to Covid, visit is by appointment only.  This show is currently installed outside. The location is insanely beautiful.

About the show:

Visiting information:

To see each artist’s work on line:

In Union, Remotely

July- December 31, 2020.

This exhibit, sponsored by the Shaker Museum, is 100% digital!

This show is super interesting: diverse, full of interesting work and curious ideas.On the verge of merge, detail.photobySuzyJeffersToward Merge. Photo by Suzy Jeffers

MAY 2020

Interview post by MAD and DRAW, two excellent Kingston, NY Arts organizations:

IMG_4756And I am sewing masks…………

MAR 2020

2020: Roxbury Arts:large Works March 7-April 11 opening 3/7 from 3-5 Roxbury, NY

with: Wendy Brackman, Sinejan Kiliç Buchina, Beth Casper, Marieken Cochius, Adam Cohen, Greg Cuda, Michael Fauerbach, Lisbeth Firmin, Kate Hamilton, Kathleen Hayek, Annie Hayes, John Jackson, Nina Jordon, Roxanne Lowit, Amy Masters, Gary Mayer, Colleen O’Hara, Ibiyinka Olufemi, Regina Bernadette Quinn, Amy Silberkleit, Candy Spiler, Studio 190 Artists, Victoria van der Laan and William Waggoner.


 Humble Monument, 2019
IMG_4213Little Village
Studio Montclair, The Place Called Home 3/6-4/10. opening 3/6 from 7-9PM.127 Bloomfield Ave #2133, Montclair, NJ 07042





05 Hamilton Note to Self


Byrdcliffe, Woodstock. At White Pines, 454 Upper Byrdcliffe Road, Woodstock  July 13- November 3, 2019.

‘Note to Self’ shirt goes Outside!!!  blown in the wind, pelted in the rain, hovering above a bubbling brook……on its own….

(and: can you read it?)


The Re Institute

1395 Boston Corners Rd, Millerton, NY 12546 June 1 – July 13

Open Saturdays only, from 1-4PM.

Opening party June 1, 4-7, with Potluck following!  Please come!  It is a beautiful, fabulous barn space, converted to gallery, in a gorgeous part of the country.

Sayzie Carr, Kate Hamilton, Deena Lebow, Kingsley Parker.  We all sew…..come see what group show invite copy we do with thread!

study for 12' tee shirtSTUDY FOR ……IMG_093812′ X 13′ TEE SHIRT

And, Over All (18′) stands tall in the Re Institute barn!

(rivets and buckles cleverly designed by Jim Fawcett!)



Carrie Haddad Gallery, Hudson NY. April 24-June 9, 2019.

white slipslip: glassine paper, life size—Life—Like—On-view-April-24th-at-Carrie-Haddad-Gallery.html?soid=1124070004303&aid=Yrzs_HsQEQs

Everyday Perfection

Albany International Airport Gallery (open to the public)
March 23-September 2, 2019.

Airport Mar. 2019 017

‘On the Verge of Merge’, aluminum mesh, 2019 (each:7.5 x7.5x 8″)

Humble Monument

‘Humble Monument’, 2019.  (16′ x 6.5′ x 6′)



Albany International Airport



Public Art Commission, ‘I Dream I am You’, is now on exhibit at the Albany International Airport (concourse B) and will be there for three years.  This installation is sponsored by the Albany Airport’s Art and Cultural Program’s ‘Art In The Terminal Program’.  For more information, click on the link.  Photographs courtesy of Albany International Airport. 2018

On the Verge:Blink


Rotunda Gallery, St. Ann’s School, Brooklyn, NY.  Single night blow-out event, May 7, 2018.

Installation/performance event with Jonathan Elliott, Deborah Dobski and G. Giraldo. Jon played jazz piano (plus), Deborah and G projected film/video. And the big clothes hung around inviting viewers to interact while doubling as projection screens.

Selections from the Carrie Haddad Gallery

Hudson County Community College The Benjamin J. Dineen, III and Dennis C. Hull Gallery

March 14 – April 21

Reception April 4, 5-7
71 Sip Avenue, Sixth Floor, Jersey City, NJ 07306


Wear Where

Kaaterskill Gallery, Catskill Mountain Foundation 7950 Main St. Hunter, NY 12442

March 3-April 15, 2018

Die Sieben Todsünden

January 7 and 17, 2018.  Rigiblick Theater, Zurich, Switzerland. Opera by Kurt Weill and Berthold Brecht.  How is it for women, in our world?  A satirical opera tracing the journey Anna takes, through 7 cities and the 7 deadly sins, in the name of family values.

The story of the opera:
A hypocritical, self-righteous family (all male) sends their only daughter out to make a fortune, which she is to send back to the family, so they can build their dream of ‘a little house in Alabama’.  In the process of doing their bidding, the daughter engages with each of the deadly sins, and her material success (for the good of the family) parallels her private self-destruction.  Our staging of the opera will be interwoven with audio clips from interviews with young girls, and from women working in the sex industry.  Each speaks about their specific desires and dreams for their lives and futures.

For more information:

Die sieben Todsünden


En Masse 2017

Nov 18, 2017 – January 7, 2018  Chatham, NY. Group show of small works by over 40 artists. Cool Show!  Constantly changing!

Thompson Giroux Gallery – 57 Main Street, Chatham, NY 12037 518-392-3336 –

A Declaration of Sentiments

Considering the centennial of women’s right to vote in NY State, this show is an interesting investigative mix of art and artifacts.  Exhibition designed and curated by Carrie Feder. June 3 – August 20, 2017.  Athens Cultural Center, Athens, NY.  Yura Adams, Laurel Garcia Colvin, Ryder Cooley, Jenny Feder, Jeanette Fintz, Kate Hamilton,  Valerie Hammond, Brece Honeycutt, Melora Kuhn, Carole Kunstadt, Louise Laplante, Susan Mastrangelo, Claudia McNulty, Portia Munson, Ruby Palmer, Christy Rupp, Susan Wides, Tricia Wright. 

big shirt_shirt factory_2017_installation

Shirt Factory 100th year anniversary: 77 Cornell Street, Kingston, NY. Noon-5PM.   Pop-up Show September 16, 2017!  Cake++ Celebration!!!

(Big shirt in a dance studio w/ video images from ‘It’s a Big World in There’,  prior installation at CHRCH/cottekill, 2014.)

Arts, etc.  Conversation with George Spencer (artist, filmmaker and writer) about work, life and art at WGXC Hudson NY.

Carrie Haddad Gallery, Hudson, NY. December 7, 2016 – January 22, 2017. Opening Dec 10, 5-7PM.

Kate Hamilton, Allyson Levy, Laura Von Rosk, Louise Laplante, Andrea Moreau, Elizabeth Coyne and Eileen Murphy

img_2960first in the studio…and then in the gallery, rigged for action……(10.5′ high)hamilton%2012

‘The Pussy Bow Shirt; a pretty present to be unwrapped?’, K. Hamilton, 2016


………………………….We walk our own way……………………………………………………..

‘En Masse III’, Thompson Giroux Gallery, Chatham, NY.

November 19, 2016 – January 8, 2017.

7-katehamilton_life-preserved-2 Life Preserved, 2016.

‘BETWEEN THE LINES’, SUNY Ulster, Stone Ridge, NY.  Nov 20 – Dec 11, 2015.

IMG_3527From palm size

big shirt.smallfile                                                                                    To room size

an investigation into how we live with clothes.

11051783_1014835235246904_7733249564768133593_o(photo by Suzy Jeffers)

Thank you to Suzy Jeffers whose expertise and energy made it possible to install this show.  To Jim Fawcett for his marvelously clever giant snap rivet connectors for one of the large sculptures.  And to Michael Asbill and his 20th Century Art History class, who turned off the lights at the opening, wheeled out overhead projectors  and projected their own interpretive texts and images onto the garment sculptures! The class:  Keysla Class Colon, Jennifer Hoffman, Tiffany Incorvaia, Deirdre Kenney, Sam Lieghing, Taylor Liberati, Chris Pratten, Cheyenne Rossler, Terriann Smith, Rachel Steyer, Victoria VanEtten and Elena Yess.  Thanks also to Tona Wilson for her projector guidance and know-how and to Jessica Poser for loaning several great projectors.

This show is dedicated to the memory of my mother, Helen S. Hamilton.

THE OTHER’S OTHER‘ premiered at the O+Festival (Kingston, NY). October 10-11, 2015.

Collaboration with Tona Wilson.

Big thanks to Jim Fawcett for his help rigging the shirts, and to Michael Asbill who helped get the projectors securely lodged high in the corners of the room.

We had a great time.  Our four hours of ‘show time’ stretched to eight, because people kept coming!  Ropes were pulled, and the two giant shirts moved and responded to each other, while Tona Wilson’s wonderful quirky videos flashed info onto the moving shirts and the people moving them. We had visitors of all ages, and were blown away by two dancers who improvised an impromptu Butoh-style dance with the black shirt!

black shirt RocinanteWhite shirt Hey who are you


O+TANA_ann0174 O+Barbara SarahO+TANA_jim0176

‘It’s a Big World in There.’

Check out Stephen Blauweiss’  wonderful ARTSCENE Web TV series. Episode 3 has a really nice video interview about ‘It’s a Big World in There’!


Westbeth Gallery, 55 Bethune Street, NYC. NY 10014

May 2-17, 2015.  Opening May 2, 6-8PM. Artists’ talk May 3, 4PM.

A  group show of work produced by visual artists and performers, in response to Steve Clorfeine’s call for work using the actual postcards and letters of correspondence he and others wrote back and forth over many, many years.

March 7, 2015 – April 18, 2015  Large Works Roxbury Arts Center, Roxbury NY.


Family Matters

Mid-Hudson Heritage Center, Poughkeepsie NY.  March 14 – April 18.

This show explores the ways in which creativity is expressed in various ways through many generations of a single family.  Twelve families explore this question.

Jan 10, 2015 – Feb 28, 2015.   Extreme Surfaces Greene County Council on the Arts, 398 Main Street, Catskill, NY.  Opening reception January 17, 5-7PM.  Burqas, life vest…..

November 22, 2014- Jan 4, 2015.  En Masse  Thompson Giroux Gallery, Chatham, NY.

Group show of intriguing small pieces.  Collars, cuffs and shoes.

collar_30_Formal catch_2013_HRCuff_1_pirate off_2014_HR dance shoes_L&R_2014_HR

Nice article by Amy Griffin about  this show:

November 11- Dec 11, 2014: Tunxis Community College, Farmington, CT.

Solo show of room-sized clothes, framed collars and sideways shoes.


November 1 – 29, 2014: In Plain Sight KMOCA Kingston, NY.   Burqas and shoes!   Back to human scale in paper.  Party opening Nov 1, 5-8PM.  Gallery open each Saturday in November, from 1-4 PM.


black heels_L&R_2014_HR

September 12-13, 2014: Micro-Festival of Unfinished Puppetry.  Installation presentation of interactive portions from ‘It’s a Big World In There’. The audience became the puppeteers by pulling ropes to make three giant garments move through video images created by Tona Wilson.  The clothes whipped like sails, in time to a soundtrack by Jonathan Elliott.  We got great feedback and had a blast in Trois-Rivieres, Quebec!


PFD (Public Floatation Device)

PFD (Public Floatation Device)

July 2014: Artist in Residence at Women’s Studio Workshop.  Working in the C H R C H Project Space, I made two new large pieces, and experimented with rigging to make the garment sculptures move.  Artist Tona Wilson (video) and Jonathan Elliott (sound) collaborated with me to create an interactive, site-specific installation piece (‘It’s a Big World in There’) for the former church space.  Our project can be seen in these two videos by  Stephen Blauweiss. Thanks WSW and CHRCH!!!!

Two minute version:
Full Version: (Seven Minutes)

Women’s Studio Workshop
Rosendale, NY. Dress

C H R C H Project Space
167 Cottekill road, Cottekill, NY.

Tunxis Community College: In November, I’ll install a show in the Barnes-Franklin Gallery at Tunxis in Farmington, Ct.

Ongoing project: bring the La Voix Humaine opera to venues in the US.

Empty Pockets

Empty Pockets

Big Shoes To Fill.  Solo show at  Thompson-Giroux gallery, Chatham, NY.

January 11 – March 9, 2014.   Opening Saturday, January 11, 4 -6 PM.

Hours:  Thursday – Mon, 11-5 PM

Please note that the gallery will be closed throughout the month of February.

La Voix Humaine

La Voix Humaine


La Voix Humaine  A telephonic opera written by Poulenc to a Cocteau monologue.  Concept: Valerie Arias and Kate Hamilton. Directed by Claudia Blersch, Musical direction by Giancarlo Prossimo, singer Valerie Arias, costume and set by Kate Hamilton.   Theater Rigiblick, Zurich.

Oct 25/26, 2013   Wrench: Part 1  ArtsEmerson (Boston, MA).  Written by Elana Greenfield. Costumes by Kate Hamilton. Directed by Kenneth Prestininzi.   Sleeping Weazel presents this play as part of an evening with two monologues by Mac Wellman (Horrocks and Yu World Woo).

Microsoft Word - KateHamiltonPoster.docx

Sept/October 2013. Off the Rack: Seeing Through Clothes  Exhibition/Installation.  Daniels Art Center, Bard College at Simon’s Rock, Great Barrington, MA.


DaDa Spill. An underground DaDa event.  Collaboration Kate Hamilton/Marian Schoettle.   July 28, 2013  Hamilton/Marian Schoettle.  We’ve been working together on this for about 3 years.  It was performed/exhibited/installed/occurred in a mine in RosNY.   It was a crazy, wonderful event, thanks to over 20 wonderful participants who made it happen.  Mine meets bureaucracy meets document processing and storage, meets the world of today… a brave, disturbed world!  A Multi-media art/theater extravaganza! See many images of the collaborative event below.  Please visit our website at! 


Entry/release form to be filled out by entrants into the mine.


Paper helmets wait to be worn by entrants into the mine to illuminate the events underground. (Photo by Cindy furlong)


Caroline Osborn and Alissa Cordeiro perform in WRENCH, a play performed in the mine, as part of DaDa Spill.  image from New Paltz Times, article by Erin Quinn. EHGYOfFUJBxv8HkhQK0qGm9mPsiMoeqW-6aNeCMX1Yc

DaDa Spill:  Nancy Graham sews shredded identity forms together to create new identities that she then sends off by clothesline for eternal storage in the depths of the mine. (photo by Cindy Furlong)

Nov/Dec 2012     Dwelling in Clothes  Koussevitsky Gallery at the Berkshire Community College in Pittsfield.  Benigna Chilla, Director.  A mix of  human and room size paper clothing.

Sept 2011     Alte Liebe Neu performed in Zurich at the Cigarette

Factory.  Valerie Arias, mezzo soprano, sang, while moving around the space, switching costumes throughout. Original compositions by Swiss composer Martin Dehrungs, as well as familiar classical composers. Musical Director, Giancarlo Prossimo. Costumes, Kate Hamilton

The first big shirt showed at KMOCA (Kingston, NY) in July, and then again in the big tent as part of the COTA festival (New Paltz) in October.

The big bonnet was installed in Catskill in the Masters on Main, Mark on Main show, from early July until end of October.  (See below)

I’m glad to have been included in the NYFA Hudson Valley MARK ’12 Bootcamp group.  We first met in late April and other sessions cropped up during these past six months as well.  It’s a good, good program.  Thank you NYFA!

The Closet of Nothing was reinstalled at the West Kortright Centre (East Meredith, NY) last year.  The environment was experienced from mid July through the end of August, 2012

Collaborations!Wrench (with Elana Greenfield, playwright) performed in May in Boston at The Factory Theater. A short play for two women and two life vests.  A very cool short play which takes place in unspecified time of flood and war.  It is a play about staying alive in a dangerous and dark world.  The two women live on the top of ladders and keep things they need for life inside their life vests.
We are currently working to make the playlet longer!

Worn Words (a collaboration with Marian (Mau) Schoettle).  Marian and I had a fantastic art residency in September at the Womens Studio Workshop  in Rosendale, NY.  This is an amazing place.  We spent out time mostly in the papermaking studio working on paper components we are now using to create wearable clothing out of paper for a performance/exhibition planned for a Rosendale mine in 2013.  Our project focuses on local labor history and the transformation of 19th century mines into 20th/21st century document storage facilities.  Stay tuned!

La Voix Humaine
Continuing with the Bluebird creative partnership in Zurich, we are currently working on a new piece: La Voix Humaine.  This is a one woman opera sung entirely into the telephone!  It focuses on obsession, voyeurism, betrayal and loss and the impact of our intersection with technology.  We are developing an exciting staging for this, and hope to have it up and running by the end of 2013!    Other Bluebird news is that Valerie Arias and Giancarlo Prossimo premiered a new show, including new music composed by Swiss composer Martin Dehrungs, in September at the Cigarette Factory in Zurich:  Alte Liebe Neue


So There is so much going on!  Fantastic collaborations, and wonderful exhibition experiences!  The theater and art arenas are moving ever closer!

now, here are a few images relating to the above news:

Koussevitsky show!

P1120700The Big Bonnet in Catskill……

3big bonnetCloset of Nothing invitation

And here is an article about the Closet of Nothing from its showing in 2011.

Ephemeral artwear Waxed-paper clothing by Kate Hamilton now on view at Water Street Market in New Paltz
by Lynn Woods Hudson Valley Times
August 04, 2011 10:00 AM | 1 1 comments | 1 1 recommendations | email to a friend | print

Kate Hamilton:

Kate Hamilton:



Since July 16, Unison’s Water Street Market Gallery has been filled with clothes, but you may have trouble seeing them: the overalls, tee-shirts, slips, dresses, men’s formal shirt and cummerbund and hats are sewn out of waxed paper (actually an archival glassine paper – a step up from the stuff that you buy at the supermarket). When the room is full of light, one is more apt to see the details of their construction: seams, crinkles, pockets, zippers, hooks, snaps, buttons and buttonholes. “They’re like 3-D X-rays. You can see through them, and they kind of glow,” noted their creator, Kate Hamilton.

Titled “The Closet of Nothing,” the show, which runs through August 15, reflects Hamilton’s fascination for clothing and the way that it signifies the self (or selves, given what clothes indicate about gender, age and class). “Clothes are like shells of identity,” she said. Like the skins shed by the snakes that inhabit the area around her New Paltz home, they are ephemeral and double-edged, signifying absence as much as the body’s presence. Hamilton has used wood and cloth to construct her conceptual clothing and costumes, but paper predominates, and the waxed paper is perhaps the most extreme medium – just a step away from nothing.

“I was reading Derrida and I came up with the idea of using a material that’s intrinsically valueless,” noted Hamilton. “It’s also extremely lightweight. The stuff looks like it will float away and is made out of nothing.” Yet sewing the waxed-paper clothing was anything but easy, resulting in many rips and discards. Barely there and yet solidly constructed, the pieces are full of contradictions, Hamilton noted.

Hamilton, who teaches costume design to high school and middle school students in Brooklyn, has previously shown her work at New Paltz’s Rock and Snow store, the Dorsky Museum and the Beacon Theater. She has designed costumes for theatrical, operatic and dance performances in New York City, Zurich and Berlin, constructing a skirt with a 35-foot circumference for a singer in a performance by Theater Skok, Zurich, for example, and designing transparent 19th-century aprons with feathers attached for performers suspended from wires in a store window in a Berlin gallery.

Among the projects on which she is working currently is a performance of The Human Voice, a one-woman opera written by Poulenc, for a Zurich theater. The mezzo-soprano sings into a telephone and gets sporadic communication back, and Hamilton’s paper clothes reinforced the theme of the tenuousness of communication and life. One idea being explored is to have the piece simultaneously performed in Ulster County, with Hamilton’s costumes perhaps transmitted to the stage as video images.

As a child growing up in Pennsylvania, Hamilton never dreamed that she’d be making art from clothing; the family expected the children to sew their own clothes as a way of saving money, and Hamilton hated it. She studied Art in college and after graduating was doing carpentry in New York City when she discovered the Millinery District and became entranced. Soon she had founded a children’s hat and clothing business called ETAK. After she closed the business, she started making costumes for her kids’ school performances, and “It really clicked. I loved the shapes of the clothes and how they got made. They seemed almost aberrant.” She ended up teaching three-dimensional design at Parsons, and also taught a costume workshop at the West Kortright Centre’s teen Shakespeare Workshop, in Delaware County.

The Gallery, located in the Water Street Market just off lower Main Street in New Paltz, is open every day of the week from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. All the clothes in the show are technically wearable (they’re women’s size 8) and float freely in the space, suggesting an environment that’s akin to a dream or being underwater. To view Kate Hamilton’s work, visit

Read more: Almanac Weekly – Ephemeral artwear Waxed paper clothing by Kate Hamilton now on view at Water Street Market in New Paltz–Ephemeral-artwear-Waxed-paper-clothing-by-Kate-Hamilton-now-on-view-at-Water-Street-Market-in-New-Paltz-?instance=arts_left

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