making things: paper/non-paper

Paper/Non-Paper Hats


The Catch

Wire Mesh

Top Hat


Below: PHoto installation project by Debra Degraffenreid and Keiko Sono: the Haybale Project.
beautiful BEAUTIFUL haybale house built for Keiko’s mother was the setting for a series of photos of many different works by designers, artists and artisans.  This photo is of three of my hats on amazingly beautiful hand-built furniture!


Military Cocktail hat , used in ‘WRENCH’, written by Elana Greenfield.  (rabbit plus other fur felt)

Kabuki (fur felt)

Windy (fur felt)

It (fur felt bowler)

re-tee Bluejay

re-tee Tanager

4 Piece Beret on Dress Form

Jockey Cap

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